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Globally providing comprehensive solutions for industrial customers facing problems relating to dirty parts.

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Jos Mol Cleaning Company nv is a family-owned holding that offers comprehensive solutions globally for industrial customers facing problems relating to dirty parts. In putting together our range of services we have consciously opted for premier companies to enable us to offer our customers the best solution to their cleaning problems.

Whether it is stripping paint off of parts, removing insulation from electric motors, cleaning extruder parts and filters or heat exchangers, you can rest assured that JMC Company has just the right solution to your problem! Feel free to contact us or check out our subsidiaries by clicking on the links for more information.

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As to the cleaning of parts contaminated with paint, plastic, rubber, petroleum, oil and grease as well as other contaminants that are (partly) organic, for over 25 years we have offered a solution through the Thermo-Clean group, relying on regional contract cleaning. Thermo-Clean has several contract cleaning centres in Europe and plans to expand to other major industrial regions around the world.



For customers who would rather handle it themselves, we offer the opportunity to buy thermal cleaning facilities through Strunz Anlagentechnik. As well as supplying regular drying ovens, Strunz also offers solutions for thermal post-combustion, gas washing and high-temperature filtration of air flows from production machinery or drying ovens.


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Franchise Partner

At JMC Company you can start your own Thermo-Clean cleaning centre since we also offer this formula on a franchise basis. This allows you to open one or more Thermo-Clean Franchise division(s) in your own region. As well as the necessary machinery, we provide training and commercial support. Obviously, this also includes the use of our know-how acquired over the years.

In addition, it goes without saying that we guarantee that no other Thermo-Clean division will be set up in your region, which offers you a significant competitive edge!

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In-House Solutions

If you prefer that the cleaning of your parts be done on your premises but would rather not carry it out yourself, JMC Company can also offer the Thermo-Clean formula as an in-house solution. In this case, we enter into a multi-year contract with you and Thermo-Clean will install and operate the cleaning division within your factory.

This solution is often chosen if the dirty parts must not be cleaned externally due to the contaminants present or in order to protect the own technology. Another reason may be that there is a large volume to be cleaned, but the interest, the people or the know-how are lacking to clean the machines themselves.