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JMC Company is a global supplier of innovative comprehensive solutions for industrial customers with problems relating to contaminated parts.

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Jos Mol Cleaning Company Inc. is a family-owned holding company that offers innovative comprehensive solutions for industrial customers around the world with problems relating to contaminated parts. When we put our range of services together, we deliberately chose premier companies that enable us to offer our customers the best solution to their cleaning problems every time.

Whether we need to strip paint from parts, remove insulation from electric motors, clean extruder parts, filters or heat exchangers, JMC Company has the right solution to virtually every cleaning problem!

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For over 30 years, we have provided solutions to clean parts contaminated with paint, plastic, rubber, petroleum, oil and grease or any other contaminants containing organic compounds through the Thermo-Clean group.

Thermo-Clean has a number of regional contract cleaning centres in Europe and plans to expand to other major industrial regions around the world.

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WBT Electron

WBT Electron has been active in the annealing market since 1978. We always serve our customers as efficiently and professionally as possible. WBT Electron is equipped with stationary, mobile, gas-fired and electric furnaces. We also offer the possibility of annealing work pieces locally. The furnace dimensions and corresponding lifting capacity we offer, make us unique: max. 18,650 x 4,500 x 4,250 mm, 1300°C, 60 tons.

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Franchise Partner

Sharing Success

JMC Company would like to share its success with Thermo-Clean. We offer you the possibility of starting your own Thermo-Clean cleaning centre as a franchise. This will allow you to open one or more Thermo-Clean Franchise divisions in your region. As well as the necessary machinery, we provide training and commercial support and of course you get access to the know-how we have built up over the years.

We also guarantee that no other Thermo-Clean division will be set up in your region, which gives you an outstanding competitive edge!

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In-House Solutions

Sharing Solutions

If you prefer to have your parts cleaned on your premises, but prefer not to do it yourself, JMC Company can also offer the Thermo-Clean formula as an in-house solution. In this case, we enter a multi-year contract with you and Thermo-Clean will install and operate the cleaning division within your factory.

This solution is often chosen if the contaminated parts may not be cleaned externally due to the contaminants present or to protect proprietary technology. Another reason may be that there is a large volume to be cleaned, but you do not have the staff, the know-how or the desire to operate the machines yourself.

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WBT Electron

WBT Electron offers a full range of different heat treatments at almost any required temperature:

  • Preheating
  • Stress-relief annealing
  • Normalizing
  • Solvent annealing
  • Hydrogen-free annealing
  • Water, fog or air quenching
  • Drying, curing or sintering fire-resistant materials

All our heat treatments are always provided with an annealing certificate and annealing graph.